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Episode 149


Topic: A Winning AI Strategy for Your Pest & Lawn Company

Guests: Donnie Shelton & Dan Gordon

In this episode we discuss:

  • How ubiquitous the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is in the business world

  • Why Donnie says AI is the defining technology of our time, similar to how the smartphone has been for the last decade and a half

  • How Donnie is thinking about using AI at Triangle in his pursuit of getting to $50 million in revenue

  • The opportunity for AI in the service industry — especially in the office

  • How AI technology already is helping Dan's business be more efficient in the accounting world

  • Why Dan and Donnie hope pest industry CRMs will begin integrating AI into customer service functions like scheduling and billing

  • How AI technology that integrates with Google documents and spreadsheets can already tackle tasks like building a budget

  • Why Donnie empowered his managers to use the paid version of Chat GPT in their roles

  • What Dan and Donnie like about Google's Bard

  • Ideas for using AI for recruiting

  • The role of chat bots in the pest control industry

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "I think it's the defining technology of our time." —Donnie Shelton

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