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Episode 142


Topic: Kolbe Assessment: Get the Right Person in the Right Seat

Guest: Erin Werde, President, The Instinctive Advantage

In this episode we discuss:

  • Background on the Kolbe Index

  • The relationship between Kolbe and EOS

  • Why Donnie had his daughter do door-to-door sales, even though he knew it wasn't natural for her

  • The Kolbe C and how you can use it in the hiring process

  • What it looks like to hire a Kolbe consultant

  • A look at Dan's Kolbe action modes

  • A look at Donnie's Kolbe action modes

  • Areas of conflict for Dan and Donnie

  • Why Donnie is a believer and fan of Kolbe

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "(Kolbe) is all about action; it is all about instinct. It is all about what we do when we don't even realize that we're doing so. ... It is not personality, it is not skills, it is not emotion, it is not IQ, it is not motivation." —Erin Werde

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