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Episode 152


Topic: The Difference Between Information & Insight

Guests: Dan Gordon & Donnie Shelton

In this episode we discuss:

  • The importance of good data, not just good-looking data

  • Donnie's experience setting up a data warehouse

  • The importance of identifying which insights you need to have and then working backward from there

  • Why key performance indicators (KPIs) from off-the-shelf data platforms may not be relevant for the pest control industry

  • How common for managers within a company to have different opinions about the most important KPI

  • Why Donnie focuses on operational cash flow and how he calculates it

  • What Dan recommends focusing on

  • The Rule of 23 in pest control

  • Why it's important to train your team on KPI definitions

  • Why weekly operational dashboards are helpful but a weekly P&L isn't

  • How monthly billing can hide uneven production

  • The pest control industry that's available

  • Why no data might be better than bad or unvalidated data

  • How Donnie hopes to use predictive AI to make data projections

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "KPIs should be compared historically against yourself ... then you compare them against your budget, and then you compare them against industry data." —Dan Gordon

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