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Episode 157


Topic: Developing Your Leadership Bench

Guest: David Billingsly, The Billingsly Group

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Dan will be presenting several sessions at the WorkWave Beyond Service '24 user conference

  • David's background in the pest control industry at Washington D.C.-based American Pest, eventually serving as president and Western regional president for Anticimex, which acquired American pest

  • How many pest and lawn care companies are great at training technicians, but they neglect to train leaders

  • How David and the team at American Pest developed a leadership training program

  • Why training leaders isn't as straightforward as training technicians or office team members

  • Building blocks of leadership:

    • Self awareness

    • Self regulation

    • Time management and prioritization

    • Motivation and accountability

    • Relationship management

    • Performance management

  • The importance of a company's environment and culture and how they shape behavior

  • The concept of failing forward, delegation and allowing people to learn from their mistakes

  • The difference between being emotional and intentionally using your emotions

  • David's take on managing up

Resources mentioned:

PMP Industry Insiders Podcast December 2023_Leadership
Download PDF • 1.90MB

Notable: "I think one of the single largest opportunities we have in our industry is mid-level management training." —David Billingsly

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