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Episode 166


Topic: Q&A with an AI Expert

Guest: Andrew Louder, founder, Louder Co.

In this episode we discuss:

  • PMP Industry Insiders Peer Groups

  • How business leaders have woken up to opportunties related to artificial intelligence (AI)

  • How to improve the questions and prompts you ask AI tools

  • Finding ways to tie in AI to your workflow to be more efficient

  • How some people are using Google's tools and Zapier to integrate data from one application into another

  • Misconceptions business leaders often have about AI, according to Andrew

  • The two sides of the AI ROI coin: 1). cost savings, 2). revenue generation and growth

  • Two key questions to start with as you pursue AI in your business:

    • What are your biggest pain points and challenges?

    • What tasks are tedious, manual and inefficient?

  • Types of professionals who will be hurt by AI

  • Andrew's take on where AI can shine in the pest management industry

  • How to create your own GPT (and how you'd use it)

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "AI has never been less intimidating and more attainable than ever before." —Andrew Louder

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