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Episode 169


Topic: From Zero to $100 Million+

Guest: Matt Mehr, Co-founder, Hawx Pest Control

In this episode we discuss:

  • Key data points that illustrate Hawx's hyper growth

  • How Matt got started with his brother-in-law Scott Wilson in December 2013, eventually partnering with JK Gleave

  • How they eventually recapitalized to grow and sufficiently fund the operational side of the business

  • What they learned early on from heavily incentivizing salespeople

  • What they learned from charging upfront vs. charging after the service

  • Hawx's investment in data and analysis to allow the company to scale

  • How they use customer "cohorts" to analyze data points and

  • A key metric for Hawx: LTV:CAC ratio, which is the lifetime value of a customer divided by the customer acquisition cost (the goal is 3 or above)

  • Hawx's acquisition by Mike Paulus of PCM Growth, a private equity firm

  • Doors vs. digital — what Hawx has learned about these marketing channels

  • How they evaluate sold-to-service ratio and days-to-start ratio

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "For door-to-door, it's the right customer, for the right price with the right expectations. And if you have those three rivals the best retention in the industry." —Matt Mehr, Hawx Pest Control

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