Episode 37

June 10, 2021

Topic: How to Build a Network to Get You to the Next Level

Guest: Ed Robinson, president of Capacity Building Solutions and facilitator for the Associated Pest Services peer group

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Ed's background and lifelong fascination with great leaders and leadership.

  • How leadership can be lonely, and most people don't get formal training in leadership.

  • The benefit of peer-based experiences and how he found Vistage.

  • How business owners are often rewarded early on for "doing," not necessarily for being great leaders.

  • Why leadership is a profession in and of itself and requires professional development.

  • The difference in benefits between industry-specific peer groups and industry-agnostic peer groups.

  • What Ed calls the "trifecta" of peer/networking groups.

  • The value in offering optional life skills programs at work, such as time management, personal finance, parenting and more.

  • What's often holding leaders back (hint: Ed says it's people or lack of financial knowledge).

  • Why leaders have to be thinking more than doing

  • The five key roles and outcomes of a CEO or business owner


Advice: "The two most important things a leader can say is 'I don't know' and 'I need help.'" —Ed Robinson

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