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Episode 39

June 24, 2021

Topic: Why All Companies Need an Operating System

Guests: EOS Worldwide Visionary Mark O'Donnell

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Donnie Shelton was skeptical about EOS until he read the book "Traction."

  • Mark O'Donnell's background as an entrepreneur and his role as Visionary of EOS Worldwide, and how he also was skeptical at first.

  • The difference between the Visionary and Integrator in EOS terminology.

  • Why some people need an operating system facilitator or implementer.

  • What the EOS model is all about, including the six key components.

  • Why all businesses need an intentional operating system.

  • The difference between EOS and other operating systems out there.

  • Where to start if you're interested in EOS.

  • Why the first step the business owner takes in EOS is the accountability chart and what follows.

  • Which tool Mark says will have the biggest impact on a company.


Advice: "If you want different outcomes, you need to change the underlying system or habits you use." —Mark O'Donnell

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