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Episode 43

July 22, 2021

Topic: What PMPs and LCOs Should Know about the Chemical Supply Chain

Guests: Syngenta's Marshall Gaster, head of marketing for professional pest management, and Dave Ravel, head of sales for turf, ornamental & professional pest management

In this episode we discuss:

  • The rising cost of inputs in the pest and lawn industries, being driven up by raw materials, logistics, supply/demand and more

  • How better planning is the answer and what PMPs and LCOs can do

  • How working with distributors and manufacturers can help you plan with tools and other resources

  • Whether operators should raise prices (spoiler: Dan says "always raise prices")

  • The value of manufacturer assurance programs

  • How to leverage manufacturer early order programs

Resources mentioned:

Advice: "The days of ordering it the night before and hoping to have it the following day, that's what I would try to avoid. Just planning a little further ahead than you normally did and projecting some of those needs will go a long way." —Dave Ravel

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