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Episode 44

July 29, 2021

Topic: Laura Corbin, president of Spencer Pest Services

Guests: Grow Faster with More Profit through Office Automation & Efficiency

In this episode we discuss:

  • Laura's background and entry into the family business

  • How she parlayed a job for a major retailer into a quality control role at Spencer Pest Services

  • How "Inspect what you expect" became a company mantra

  • An overview of Spencer's office infrastructure and structure

  • The three dashboards Spencer uses for the overall company, for sales and for the office

  • What KPIs she looks for by department

  • How Spencer manages remote employees

  • An app used to view KPIs remotely and how it has created healthy competition internally

  • Laura's recommendation for creating a dashboard for your business

  • Why a daily dashboard update is necessary

  • A list of tools Spencer Pest uses to be more efficient

Resources mentioned:

Advice: ""We're extremely transparent with our numbers because we want a self-managing company. I want my employees to know where they stand, not (be) constantly having to tell them." —Laura Corbin

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