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Episode 47

Aug. 19

Topic: The State of the M&A Market in the Pest Control Industry

Guest: Matt Whiting, vice president, corporate development, Rollins

In this episode we discuss:

  • Matt's background in investment banking and how he came to work for Rollins eight years ago

  • His take on the state of the M&A market in pest control and why it's gotten so busy over the last two decades

  • The differences between selling to a private equity player and a strategic buyer

  • Donnie's experience selling his commercial pest business to Orkin years ago

  • Matt's outlook for activity and valuations and how the potential for an increase in capital gains taxes is driving some activity

  • How and why some strategic buyers can support higher valuations over the long term

  • The fact that Rollins has completed over 130 acquisitions in the last five years

  • The levers Matt looks at when evaluating acquisition targets

  • How Rollins approaches acquisitions and their take on door-to-door companies

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