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Episode 51

Sept. 23, 2021

Topic: NPMA’s Incoming President Talks Industry Issues

Guest: Justin McCauley, CEO, McCauley Services

In this episode we discuss:

  • Justin's journey from son and grandson of pest control company owners to president of the National Pest Management Association

  • How he started and sold a pest control company in college, then got involved in NPMA and also served on the Arkansas Pest Management Association board, taking a cue from his father

  • How he's never afraid to say "yes," and how he saw getting involved in the NPMA's executive committee as an opportunity to help the industry and develop his company's leadership team

  • Justin's pitch to get involved in NPMA (to grow your network and learn from others, no matter what your company's size, in addition to learning how to work with regulators and legislators)

  • The benefits of NPMA's LNC ("link") group and Executive Leadership Program

  • His take on the biggest challenge facing the industry (people) and how he plans to focus on it

  • The ongoing concern about pesticide preemption laws in some states

  • His company's approach to marketing in a relatively small market

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "It's a win-win for me to be able to help our industry and also to help grow my organization at the same time." —Justin McCauley

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