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Episode 85


Topic: Acquisitions at Arrow Exterminators

Guest: Kevin Burns, Chief Development Officer, Arrow Exterminators

In this episode we discuss:

  • Kevin's background as a chemist and a sales/marketing professional before leading the M&A team at Arrow

  • How Arrow has done more than 100 acquisitions since 2007

  • Arrow's process for entering a new market

  • What makes a company desirable to Arrow as an acquisition target

  • What Kevin recommends to a company looking to sell in the short or long term

  • Arrow's process for acquiring a pest control company

  • His advice for negotiating attorney fees on the front side of the deal

  • How Arrow approaches integration

  • Kevin's take on the Rentokil/Terminix deal and its potential impact on the industry and valuations

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "We love recurring pest control services in all shapes and sizes." —Kevin Burns

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