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Episode 116


Topic: EOS: A Field Report

Guest: Sharon Roebuck-McBride, VP of Culture and Customer Experience, Triangle Home Services

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sharon's journey to Triangle Home Services and the company's journey implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

  • Why Triangle failed the first time they tried implementing EOS

  • What is EOS?

  • The six key components: vision, data, processes, traction, issues, people

  • The first step to take if you're interested in EOS

  • Self implementing vs. hiring an implementer

  • The value EOS can bring to a business

  • How EOS provides transparency and clarity for employees and a path for issues to get solved

  • The purpose and structure of Level 10 meetings

  • Big wins so far at Triangle thanks to EOS

  • The importance of "state of the company" addresses where the V/TO is shared

  • Challenges Triangle has run into with EOS

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "(EOS) brings so much to the table in the form of organization, following a blueprint, and having a structure within the company ... EOS brings a lot of clarity and focus." —Sharon Roebuck-McBride

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