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Episode 122


Topic: When Is It Time to Fire Your Marketing Firm?

Guest: Frank Andolina, Frank Andolina, COO, Coalmarch by WorkWave

In this episode we discuss:

  • How it's important for your marketing company to be proactive

  • Why it's important to consider whether any problems are on your office's side

  • How pricing may be out of your marketing firm's hands, depending on the platform

  • Why you must be clear on your marketing goals, starting with growth goals and working backward toward how many sales you need to generate to achieve it

  • How important it is to treat your vendors like a part of your team

  • How frequently you should be meeting with your marketing firm

  • The potential risks and difficulties of changing agencies

  • How agencies define leads differently and why it's important to understand the difference

  • Why Donnie only relies on internal data rather than vendor data

Resources mentioned:

Notable "I view vendors like I view my team members. If you treat a team member poorly and you give them poor direction ... what's going to happen to that team member over time?" —Donnie Shelton

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