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Episode 161


Topic: Signs You Might Need a Culture Change

Guests: Dan Gordon & Donnie Shelton

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our sponsors Coalmarch by Workwave and PestSure

  • PMP Industry Insiders Peer Groups

  • The clip from "Talladega Nights" Donnie showed at a recent company meeting to demonstrate how his company is on the backside of a culture change

  • How Donnie evaluates culture around whether your people "get it, want it and have the capacity to do it"

  • Why it's important to put key performance indicators (KPIs) on intangible attributes like "get it"

  • Why performance issues across the organization often hint at culture problems

  • How your culture must align with your company's strategic goals and one book Donnie doesn't recommend

  • Why it's vital to consider employee feedback and how Donnie recommends doing it

  • Culture mismatches in M&A deals

  • The impact of market or industry changes

  • Why you must handle ethical, legal or value issues quickly

  • Why you must be willing to be honest with yourself if you're having culture issues

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "If you think you have a cultural issue, the very first place to start is (to look) in the mirror and ask yourself some really hard questions." —Donnie Shelton

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