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Episode 53

October 14, 2021

Topic: Stress Less and Accomplish More in Your Pest Control Business

Guest: Sheri Spencer Bachman, president of Pest Control Business Coach and former owner of Spencer Pest Services

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sheri's background, including how she joined her father's pest management business in the 1990s to help "computerize the books" and never left

  • How she developed dashboards in Excel when she was managing five branches of her business, then eventually created an app to make key performance indicators easier for her managers and employees to see

  • How the app has evolved over the years to streamline things for owners, managers and employees

  • The types of coaching she does today for pest control business owners

  • How having documented processes was the biggest game changer for her business

  • The importance of transparency and sharing the company's plan with your team

  • What Kolbe is and how she came to become Kolbe Certified

  • How Sheri sold her business earlier this year, and the advice she has for others who are interested in selling

  • How an industry-standard chart of accounts allowed her to benchmark Spencer Pest against other companies in the industry

  • How recurring revenue is "the name of the game" when it comes time to sell

  • How hiring a professional to help her sell was key

Resources mentioned:

Advice: "Every time you touch something, the chance of a mistake happening increases. The less we touch something, the more we can streamline something. A). The less room for error there is, and B). the fewer people I need to make that job happen." —Sheri Spencer Bachman

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