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Episode 58

Nov. 18, 2021

Topic: What We Heard and Saw at PestWorld 2021

Guest: Donnie Shelton and Dan Gordon

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Donnie was honored with a Crown Leadership Award from PCT Magazine and Syngenta

  • How Coalmarch and PCO Bookkeepers both had busy booths

  • Dan's observation that chemical manufacturers used to dominate PestWorld, and now it appears to be software and tech firms

  • The historical rule of thumb that says 20 percent of people in a market would use pest control, and new research shows it's now closer to 35 percent

  • How Dan and Donnie believe the door-to-door industry has helped grow the overall size of the market

  • One of the top issues people were talking about was labor availability

  • How much to raise prices to overcome increasing labor costs -- Dan says 7-8 percent for pest and 10 percent for lawn may be reasonable

  • How people are pre-ordering chemicals and are having difficult sourcing trucks

  • Donnie's observation that large companies are moving to SEO and digital marketing tactics, meaning small companies need to be more creative and more sophisticated

  • How the show left Dan and Donnie feeling great about the pest control market

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "Were we at a technology conference or a pest conference?" —Donnie Shelton

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