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Episode 62

Jan. 6

Topic: What's Ahead in '22?

Guests: Donnie Shelton and Dan Gordon

In this episode we discuss:

  • How the pest control industry is on fire with Dan's M&A firm closing out 2022 with $250 million in M&A deals

  • Dan's and Donnie's thoughts on COVID and what might happen this year, including the potential vaccine mandate for employers

  • The impact of all the government stimulus on the economy

  • The PCO M&A Specialists/William Blair & Co. Pest Index, a leading indicator for the industry, shows the industry performed well in November, partly due to weather and easier numbers compared to last year

  • How inflation is affecting the industry and how pest control operators should respond

  • How the lawn care market is facing an inflationary double whammy due to materials and labor increases

  • How the Consumer Price Index rose nearly 7 percent in 2021

  • The major M&A deals in 2021, including WorkWave buying Real Green Solutions and Rentokil purchasing Terminix

  • How the Rentokil/Terminix deal may affect the average pest control company and what it could do to multiples

  • What's going on with digital marketing costs (pricing is up 15-20 percent, on average, Donnie says)

  • Could tax increases happen sometime soon? Dan and Donnie don't see major changes yet, but Dan thinks smaller increases might come later in '22

  • Donnie and Dan predict another good year with fewer dramatic events than 2020 and 2021

Resources mentioned:

"It's really nice to say 'Jeez, our company grow 10-15 percent,' but if all of that is because of an inflation-based price increase, you really didn't." —Dan Gordon

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