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Episode 94


Topic: Inspect What You Expect: The Key to Excellence

Guest: Dan Gordon & Donnie Shelton

In this episode we discuss:

  • How even if we know how to do something, it's not always easy to do it

  • The fact that most people know systemizing your business is essential but it's still difficult to execute those systems

  • Why you need a system to manage your systems

  • How Donnie learned the importance of a third-party validation of standards in the military

  • The value of owners/managers getting out in the field occasionally for inspections

  • Dan's observation that door-to-door companies scale thanks to their ability to execute

  • Donnie's principles for getting started, including:

    • Everyone in the business should have a number to be measured on

    • Everyone in the business should have standards and procedures

    • Everyone in the business should have a checklist

    • Everyone in the business should be periodically inspected

  • The experiences that led Donnie down the path of doing more inspections at Triangle Pest Control

  • The difference between coaching and condemning

  • Recommended cadences for inspections and why someone must be accountable for inspections

  • Why you should call them something other than "inspections" and be transparent about them

  • How a system for managing inspections are the key to scaling your business

Resources mentioned:

"You can lay out the strategy, come up with all the checklists, you can do everything you want, but execution is key. If you can't execute, then all of that is for naught." —Dan Gordon

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